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Adaptors for Blue Star Diamond Products

We carry a variety of adaptors to make Blue Star Diamond products compatible with standard floor finishing and polishing equipment.

Quick Change "Lavina" Adaptors

Fits most Lavina and Bartell Global machines.  

CPS Plate Adaptors

These aluminum adaptors feature a central magnet, allowing them to be attached to most magnetic plates. Available in 2” or 3” sizes.

Edge Flex Adaptors

These red back plate adaptors are specifically designed to attach Edge Flex™ Flexible Edger to hand grinders. Available in 5” or 7” size to correspond with the appropriate Edge Flex product. The adaptor ensures the Edge Flex maintains proper polishing pressure while contouring to uneven surfaces.

Metal Adaptors for Floor Finishing and Polishing Products

Our metal adaptors allow core Blue Star Diamond products to run on common floor finishing and polishing equipment. See lists below for details.

Metal Adaptors for:

Compatible Machines and Equipment:

  • HTC EZ Change, including HTC 270
  • Husqvarna Redilock
  • SASE Universal Adaptor 535 & 780
  • Scanmaskin 500 and smaller
  • Scanmaskin Dovetail 650 and larger


Inner Layer Pad for Floor Finishing & Polishing Equipment

This pad protects tooling plates from unnecessary wear and damage, helping your equipment last longer. The inner layer pad also provides additional height and stability to floor polishing and finishing diamonds. The added stability and height increase the consistency of the scratch pattern when grinding, helping you work more efficiently.

The inner layer pad is 75 MM in diameter, so it connects to any 75 MM adaptor. It also works with velcro-backed diamond tooling. 

Product Resources

Product Overview
See all the Blue Star Diamond tooling adaptors you can order in this flyer.
Download Overview (PDF) 


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