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Blue Star Diamond Products


Transitional Diamonds

Designed to follow the metal grinding steps and proceed the polishing steps, our Transitional Diamonds will keep going when many others fail.
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Polishing Diamonds

From superstar shine to distinguished matte, achieve a perfect finish every time with our polishing diamonds. 

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Diamond Burnishing Pads

Maintain and repair concrete floors with burnishing pads that last longer thanks to a special diamond bond.

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Power Trowel Pads

Achieve a superior finish in fewer passes with our power trowel pads. They feature a design that's easy to use and flexible.

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Edging Products

Our collection of edging products will have you finishing floor edges, stairs, corners, and door jambs with more ease, and in less time.

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Adaptors & Accessories

Get the adaptors you need to run Blue Star Diamond products on HTC, Husqvarna, SASE, Scanmaskin, and more.

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Score a great price on discontinued or marked down items. Hurry — quantities are limited!

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