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For concrete edges we recommend using our EasyEdge™ products.  When using the EasyEdge product there should be no downward force applied to the angle grinder. Let the wheel do the grinding.  The most common used process is as follow: 50 grit, 100 grit, 400 grit.  This process will normally match a floor that has been polished to 800 grit.

If a lot of material needs to be removed we recommend starting with the 30 grit but care should be taken when using it due to it being extremely aggressive.

If a light “salt and pepper” finish is desired the 50 grit EasyEdge™ is perfect to start with, followed by 270 grit for a mat finish or 400 for a gloss finish.

See the Easy EdgeTM in Action

30 Grit EasyEdge – Use for heavy material removal

50 Grit EasyEdge - Use for slight material removal

100 Grit EasyEdge – Use for honing and removing scratches from previous steps

270 Grit EasyEdge – Use if mat finish is desired

400 Grit EasyEdge – Use if slightly better mat finish is desired.


For edges that are uneven and have low spots we recommend the EdgeFlex™ products.  This product can be used with the rigid adapter and foam riser available for sale or can be placed on an existing foam adapter.  The EdgeFlex™ is not as aggressive as the EasyEdge™, so downward force must be applied for the product to grind properly and be able to reach all the low spots.  The recommended process is the same as for the EasyEdge™.

Corners, Door Jambs and Stairs

For Grinding and Polishing concrete corners, stairs and door jambs look no further than the BSD Corner tool.

It is compatible with most multi tool machines and is available in 30, 50, 100, 200, and 400 grits. 

To prevent overheating, use in 3-5 minute bursts on low speed while applying light pressure; wet grinding is preferred.