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The Premium 8 Segment Transitionals, with its high concentration of diamond particles, result in a superior concrete or terrazzo floor. Designed to transition from a metal bond diamond grinding process to a resin polishing process more efficiently.
Our BSD Transitional and Polishing Diamonds are designed as a ceramic diamond grinding tool for mid size jobs to follow the metal bond process and transition into the polishing process. Resulting in a superior concrete or terrazzo floor more efficiently.
Premium 4 Segment Transitional Diamonds are designed to cut the cream of hard to very hard concrete. Faster production and fewer steps, this diamond keeps cutting when most metal bond diamonds fail.
Premium 2" Transitionals result in a superior concrete or terrazzo floor in a more efficient process. Designed to transition from the metal grinding process to the resin polishing process on smaller machines (<500lbs) but can also run on larger equipment.