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How to Finish Concrete Overlay

Polished concrete overlays are self-leveling mortars that can be applied directly on top of concrete to provide a decorative, yet durable floor that may not have been possible by polishing the existing concrete. Concrete overlays are used in commercial, institutional, residential, and recreational facilities and can incorporate colors and aggregates to create numerous design possibilities.

The process to polish concrete overlay is similar to the process for polishing standard concrete floors.


Process for Finishing Concrete Overlay

1. Desired first metal step.

2. 50 grit BSD Polishing Diamond or Premium 8 Segment Diamond

3. 100 grit BSD Polishing Diamond or Premium 8 Segment Diamond 

4. 400 grit BSD Polishing Diamond

5. 800 grit Blue Star Diamond Dry Resin

6. 1500 grit Blue Star Diamond Dry Resin

7. Burnishing Pads