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Our BSD Fine Grits are designed as a ceramic diamond polishing process to follow the transitional process. The result of this diamond is a superior floor with reduced steps. Dry grinding only.
Luster Pads are a great finishing diamond that can remove the swirls and increase the gloss after both 800 and 1500 grit BSD Transitional or BSD Dry Resin.
These SD Diamond Resin Pads are a general purpose resin for dry or wet grinding and polishing of concrete floors.
Our BSD Dry Resins were designed to follow the BSD Ceramic Transitionals. Our Resin tools allow contractors to complete their concrete and terrazzo polishing process with great quality and results. For Dry grinding only.
BSD Power Trowel Pad System has a unique flexible design that is easy to use and give a superior finish. The Velcro attachment makes it compatible with most Power Trowel and traditional grinding machines. Can be used for wet or dry grinding.