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Diamond Burnishing Pads

Available in grits from 400 to 8000, these diamond-impregnated pads (DIP) are designed to help repair and maintain concrete polished floors. They can also be used to heat concrete floors to apply or reapply guard or wax. 

With a unique diamond bond, our Diamond Burnishing Pads offer superior performance when compared to other brands. They have a longer lifespan and get the job done in fewer passes while leaving a longer-lasting shine. 

Blue Star Diamond Burnishing Pads

  • Use for polishing new floors, rejuvenating existing polished floors, or quickly heating floors to apply guard
  •  Ideal for buffing and burnishing machines
  • Works on all types of concrete
  • Dry grinding only
  • 9,000-15,000 sq. ft. lifespan
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